Presentation Zignals digital workplace

What are the challenges in the workplace?

Digitalization has become an increasingly important topic especially lately due to the corona pandemic. Anyone who has dealt with the digitization of work processes in the course of this has certainly come across the term digital workplace. 

The digital workplace comprises many different components, including an intranet and various social media and collaboration tools. With so many components, it can lead to an information overload. A very typical scenario: you are searching for a document, but you don’t know where to look because you are flooded with information from different sources every day. Furthermore, the increasing integration of new tools and programs in the company can become a major challenge, especially if there is no central point of entry.

How can we break down these entry barriers and help employees adopt new tools and technologies?

How does Zignals solve these challenges?

We have addressed these challenges and developed Zignals Digital Workplace (DWP), a comprehensive solution for the digital workplace. With various Webparts, Zignals creates a central point of entry into daily tasks, appointments, apps, teams and documents. Employees get a holistic overview of their tasks, tools and programs, adding order and structure to their digital workplace. Therefore Zignals DWP, makes use of all technical possibilities in order to support employees in managing their daily work in the best possible way. The individual building blocks of Zignals Digital Workplace are outlined below.

What are the features of Zignals?

The first webpart of Zignals is MyMeetings.

My Meetings

“MyMeetings” displays ongoing, as well as incoming events from the user’s Outlook calendar. Clicking on an event opens the item in Outlook. Team meetings are also displayed and have an additional “Join” button that can be used to join the meeting directly. User can see the current and upcoming day on their calendar and switch to the desired day using the tabs. When “New Meeting” is clicked, a dialog box opens (in Outlook Web App) where the user can create a new meeting. When the calendar icon is clicked, the user’s Outlook calendar opens (in the Outlook Web App). Thus, all appointments are visible collected in one place.

My Tasks

Another web part of Zignals is MyTasks.

“MyTasks” acquires content from various sources. Currently, tasks are aggregated from Planner, To-Do and SharePoint with the list of supported task sources continuously growing. Users can filter their tasks using checkboxes and search to find a specific task in the list. When a task is clicked, it opens in the respective application. The due date (if set) is displayed on the right side – if the due date is in the past, it is highlighted in red or marked as overdue. When a task is completed, the checkmark icon can be clicked and the task will be marked as completed both in the list and in the respective application and will not be displayed anymore. This way, the user will no longer miss any tasks.

My Apps

MyApps is the third web part of Zignals.

“MyApps” displays important apps in the organization. These apps are managed by an administrator. They are divided into different categories, these can be used as filters using the checkboxes. Additionally, users can search for specific apps. When an app is clicked, the previously entered link for the app opens. The user can decide which apps to display via the edit icon. Clicking the icon opens an area where the apps to be displayed can be selected and sorted. Apps that have been pinned by the administrator cannot be hidden. Thus, users have all relevant and favorite apps collected in one overview.

My Documents

MyDocuments is another web part of Zignals.

“MyDocuments” aggregates documents from Microsoft 365, which currently includes OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint. Documents are divided into two tabs. Documents that the user has recently used and documents that have been shared with the user. On the right side, the author of the document is displayed with the user’s initials. When the “Documents” icon is clicked on the top right, the document overview integrated in Microsoft 365 opens. This allows users to continue working directly on their most recently used documents without much effort.

My Teamwork

The last and fifth web part of Zignals is MyTeamwork.

“MyTeamwork” displays various groups from Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. This allows the user to see all the SharePoint sites they follow and have joined. The teams are sorted alphabetically. When an item in the list is clicked, the user jumps to the origin of the item. The items can be filtered using the checkboxes and the search function. As a result, an overview is created across all teams and SharePoint sites, with the ability to go directly to each item.

With the five web parts, Zignals creates the central point of entry to the modern, digital workplace while enabling a user-friendly and organized solution.